"We can overcome anything!"
Webber is a boy inside a spider, appearing to look like a humanoid spider as a result. He is from Don't Starve Reign of Giants and has died before.


Webber's true appearance is unknown but his current one is a humanoid spider with 4 legs hanging off his head as well as humanoid arms and legs, each limb is tipped with small claws. He has black bristly fur all over his body and 8 white eyes (2 large ones and 6 small). He has sharp, uneven fangs and will 'drool' a substance that dries into silk, slowly creating a webby white 'beard'.


Webber refers to himself collectively as a 'we' and is a surprisingly sweet kid. He likes spiders, as he feels spiders understand him, regarding the spider he is in as his best friend. He's a little immature and dislikes the dark. While he easily tries to make friends, he likes to explore and will typically wander off while no one is watching.


It's unknown what happened before Webber got to the island, but it is implied he had been eaten by a spider before being tricked by Maxwell, maybe in an attempt to get separated again. On the island, Webber died and for a long time, that was it... Until a scientist found his skull and buried it. There was some sort of magic item in the grave, rebuilding Webber again, and the child climbed out of the grave, spider friends rushing in to see what was happening. The scientist screamed and Webber screamed too and ran off, the spiders defending by fighting the other human. Webber didn't see the result of the battle, but he had a new chance to survive.


Maxwell: Thinks he's a jerk.



Webber can eat some poisonous foods without ill effect. As a rule of thumb, if a food is poisonous because it came from a supernatural creature or plant, he can eat it just fine. As a cost, some creatures that hate monsters will hate him.

Spider Friendly

Any spider-like monster is friendly to him.

Silk Beard

Produces spider silk. He needs to shave due to this.


If he gets the materials, he can craft various objects using a crafting system instead of physically.

Current Info



Starting Items

Spider eggs: Can build a Don't Starve spider nest.

2 Monster Meat: Poisonous meat. Webber can eat this just fine.


  • Webber's spider is likely female.
  • Webber has a smaller than average sanity meter, meaning he can go insane faster.
  • Candlefly is adopting way too many kids on this wiki.

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