"Dear diary, today I died..."
The Lost is an easily annoyed and extremely fragile ghost from The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.


The Lost is a pale, translucent white color with a round head, darkish eyes, and tear stains down his cheeks. His body is wispy and thins off to nothing to form a 'tail' and he has hidden arms that he only has visible when interacting with an object, in which case his arms have claw-like hands and taper off to nothing instead of meeting the shoulders, appearing to be floating.


The Lost is extremely careful, avoiding being too close to anything that he deems 'dangerous' (Read: almost everything). He has a short fuse and will start screaming at himself or others at the drop of a hat, and even when not actively angry will tend to sound a little hostile. Becoming this ghost's friend means he will be a bit overprotective of you in the way of 'yell when you do something even slightly dangerous'.


Isaac and his mother lived in a small house on a hill- wait I should start where The Lost begins. Stuck in his fantasy, Isaac defeated The Lamb and had gained the ability to find his own missing poster. That poster turned out to be a puzzle, a sacrifice needed. (In game there was a long way to Unlock The Lost that was patched to be much easier in the expansion, so story diverges a bit here.) After the sacrifice was done, the boy was no more, but a now very upset ghost rose in his place... The fantasy wasn't yet complete...


Isaac (generic): Due to being a dead Isaac, confusion and panic might result from the meeting.

The Lost (generic): Confusion about meeting himself.

Other Isaac Player Characters: Depends on how they act.


Holy Mantle

The Lost can absorb one hit that would otherwise kill him per 'room' (it would recharge when he goes through a door frame)


The Lost can fly, and this is the only way The Lost can move.

Spectral tears

The Lost can fire his tears as a weapon. His tears can go though walls due to being ghost tears, but obviously it's harder to aim through a wall.

Deal with the Devil

The Lost, if he manages to get to a devil room, can take those items for free. This results in a massive increase in power.


The Lost can reroll the items he has gathered, but he must reroll all of them and this would take away his holy mantle.

Current Info



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Starting Items

  • Holy Mantle (Is a shield this protects him from non-self inflicted damage. Lasts for 1 hit before needing to recharge)
  • D4 (Rerolls his items when used. Would destroy Holy Mantle so he rarely if ever uses it.)
  • 1 penny.


  • The Lost has no health.
  • The Lost is known for having extremely good unlocks but being extremely hard to play as.
  • Self inflicted damage goes through the holy mantle because in game the only damage sources that go through the mantle without breaking it require the player to fly into something that normally willingly takes away health (blood donation machine).

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