'I was a drab little crab once.'
Tamatoa is a shiny and very narcissistic crab from Disney's 2016 film Moana.


He's a huge coconut crab with a base purple and blue shell. His claws are tipped in a reddish-orange and tan colour, and his face has the same tan tint. The top of his sheel and legs is lined with tons of sparkly gold and other precious objects such as pearls. His teeth and neck are lined in some form of barnacle, and he is missing the lower ligaments of his from right leg. His eyes are a grey-blue.

When in a dark place, his many golden belongings glow neon blue in the dark, his eyes change colour to pink and blue and many pink and blue markings glow around his now black body and shell. His eyes show the ability to change colour when he's like this.

(Headcanon only info:) Using a small necklace he found, he can change into a human form, with Labrynth-Bowie hair and lobster-tanned skin. He wears a lot of jewelry and wields a large crab claw weapon. His jacke has a depiction of his crab form on the back.

Upon being placed in the darkness, he lights up and glows in very much he same way as his crab version, his trousers taking on a gradient pink and tattoos appearing over his face and chest that glow pink and blue. His hair also lights up and changes.


He's a MAJOR narcissist. He seems to care only for himself and his personal appearance, and, if he decides to take the time to interact with others it's often to tell them that they should wish they were as beautiful as him, and that they'll never be as good as him. He loves talking about himself.

He's just as obsessed with power, and will do whatever he can get stronger so he can be even more 'epic'.

He loves singing, and is good at it. He often dances around or sings to himself when he's alone. When around other's he'll happily sing for them, though he sometimes gets bored and tries to eat them halfway through.

He's secretly quite lonely, and wishes he had people to talk to, though he would never admit it. To busy hiding behind a facade of glitter.


Tam used to be a well known companion to the great demigod of the wind and seas himself, hero of all, Maui. He had a good reputation, well known among the Motonui people of old. However, a sudden change, the nature of which was unknown, occurred in the crab, turning him evil and corrupt. Maui was forced to banish his former friend to the monster realm, Lalotai, where the now monstrous beast lurks within his sea-shell cave, plotting his revenge. Well, that’s how the story is told anyways…


Maui, Demigod of the Wind and Sea

They're not friends anymore. Maui tore off his leg.

Moana Wailiki

He's not a fan of her, simply due to her affiliation with Maui. She does look delicious though....

Konzo of Disney World's Club Villain

His little buddy, Dr Facilier's apprentice/son. They run a blog together, apparently.

Dr Facilier

Not a fan of him. He hurts his little buddy.



He can switch between his human and crab form using his little crab claw charm.


He's an avid sushi fan. By sushi I mean entire whales and giant squids. He's also a fan of human flesh.


Being a huge, 50ft crab, he gets the height advantage on a lot of people. It also gives him extreame strength. Coconut crabs are already strong, but one his size? He'll be cracking open buildings, not nuts.


He glows in the dark, for he is shiny crab.


Despite his size, he's good at burrowing into the ground and appearing only as a glowing glittery mountain.

Current Info 


  • None yet.

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Starting Items

  • Crab Claw Charm - Allows him to transform between human and crab. Obtained when he used to travel with Maui.
  • Glitter and Gold - So much shiny. Covered in special gems and metals.


  • There are two versions of his song, one by his voice actor, Jemaine Clement, and one by the film's musical director, Lin-Manual Miranda.
  • He ate his grandma. It took ages, since she was absolutely ginormous. This shows he's a cannibal.
  • He's very accurate to a real life coconut crab.


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