More buildings are to be added!

Town Center

Normally completely empty except for a few roads, the newcomers are added here once a week, sent though a test course to determine the strength of their abilities.

Empty Apartments

A seemingly abandoned building made to house multiple people. Searching it reveals signs of people once living there. The upper floors are less stable than the lower ones, in some places the floor has fallen though...

Small House

A small house on a hill from a certain video game. The basement has collapsed, killing whatever was in it. There's not much here but a toy chest with nothing in it and some messed up furniture.


A pizzeria from a certain video game. The building seemed to have decayed from the inside. Some broken, old chairs, tables, and party decorations can be found in various rooms. An empty stage stands in front of a larger room, and a counter sits next to an empty box. One room contains small, robotics parts, but nothing functional, nor salvageable. One room stands at the end of the hallway, holding only an old, but still standing, desk, and a broken desk fan.


While it doesn't have power, there is a large, surprisingly untouched store. While the objects there are fresh, they are limited. Includes food, plant seeds, water, batteries, tools, and stuff like that. Just a generic 'everything' store that seems almost as if people were there just minutes ago...

Beach(?) House

A large house on stilts from a certain cartoon. Inside is a mess of sand, rotted wood and furniture. It's unknown where the sand is from. The broken stone under the house looks like it was carved into a shape but is unrecognizable. The house has a higher platform acting as a second story, but the ceiling has partially collapsed, destroying a bed and TV and splitting open a dresser full of shirts with star designs and jeans for a kid. The back of the house looked like it had been ripped out of somewhere, as there is no back wall, but there are signs that there was something there.

Oak Hallow

Four oak trees surrounding a hallow from a certain book. Each of the trees lack any leaves, and look to be visibly decaying. Bugs seem to be eating the wood from the inside. Dead leaves cover the ground. A single, large rock stands in the middle of the clearing.


A boat in the middle of the woods, from a certain webcomic. It seems fully functional, and was used to locate some kind of energy. Who knows how it has gotten so far from water.


A basement filled with toy building bricks, from a certain movie. The rest of the house seemed to have wear down to rubbish, but the basement remains. A certain type of toy building bricks and figures are scattered about, and are fading in color.

Bee hive

A bee hive from a certain movie. It seems to have been abandoned and rotting.

Game shop

A game shop from a certain anime. Many of the shelves are empty and the place seemed to have been abandoned a long time ago, but some worn, and torn, cards can be found in some corners and other small places. A sign outside of the building has a fading turtle on it.

The Lane

A place from a certain cartoon/movie. It is a part of a road surrounded by a high yellow fence in good condition, but there is a machine made of garbage in the middle of it, this machine does not work as well and if the big red button is hit, the machine will get overclocked and blow up.

Overgrown Home

A house from a certain video game. Unlike most ruins, it is full of life, a crumbling grey home with yellow flowers growing like weeds out of every crack, vines covering any objects to be found in the house. One room was once a two person bedroom and is overgrown to the point of being practically inaccessible, two ripped red ribbons visible contrasting the vines, the next has nothing but flowers inside (mostly the strange yellow ones but some flowers are a different yellow one, buttercups), and the third has a visible king-sized bed in it, although it is also overrun. The flowers' seeds are sticky, it's likely entering the building will result in tracking the flowers elsewhere.

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