'Vents, check fox, music box, flip, vents, go away BB, fox, musi-gET BACK IN THE BOX, FLIP-AHHHHHHHHH'

Jeremy Fitzgerald is a somewhat paranoid night guard working at the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria.


(Candlefly helped greatly with the appearance.)

Jeremy stands an inch short of six feet tall. He has a slightly thin frame with pale-ish skin. Dark circles hang around his blue eyes on his slightly freckled face, and his short, dark brown hair, usually a bit messy from stress and sweat, is mostly hidden underneath his purple security hat when at work.

His work uniform is a purple buttoned shirt tucked into black pants, along with plain, brown shoes, and a purple night guard hat. He also wears a name tag that spells "Jeremy" on the right side of his shirt, which he'll occasionally forget that he's wearing, since it's became routine to put it on.


Due mostly because of his job, Jeremy oftentimes acts very anxious, and even paranoid. He's a man who always go by a schedule, and if something unexpected and bad happens, he doesn't react well. He wants everything to be well organized, whether that be his diet and everything in his house tidy and in place, or the animatronics following the same pattern as before. Even with this organization, however, he refuses to take his anxiety pills, which are left, unopened, in his bathroom's medicine cabinet.

Will add more on a later date.


Jeremy works to watch the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria at night as a night guard. Originally, he felt lucky to be the one hired for the job. When he started his first shift, however, he realized that the lucky ones were the ones who weren't hired.

However, despite every shift being a fight for his life with a low paycheck for his troubles, Jeremy didn't want to lose his job. He had enough trouble getting the job, and even if it has low pay, it's still something. Job market is kinda tight, currently. If he loses his job, he'll be unable to pay for living. If he can't pay for living, he'll have to move back in with his parents, which would be close to worse case scenario.

Plus, he was going to move to the dayshift soon, anyways. This seems much less dangerous than working during the night.


The Toy Animatronics - He doesn't like them.

The Old Animatronics - He's pretty scared of them

The Puppet/Marionette - He finds them terrifying. He hates them.

His boss - Terrified of them as well, but for a different reason.


Strength with Panic 

When in a panic with nowhere else to turn, Jeremy will sometimes snap and attack with greater strength than one would think he has. It's not anything super, but it's enough to keep a grown man or animatronic down.

Current Info 



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Starting Items

  • Flashlight - A flashlight that runs on batteries. This can be used as a light source, and possibly used to momentarily blind someone, including animatronics.
  • Freddy Fazbear mask - A full head mask in the shape of Freddy Fazbear's head that can be worn. It can trick most animatronics to think that he's one of them.


  • Candlefly helped a TON with the appearance!
    • trying to make Jeremy into a Tim Burton character.
    • (I'm joking, I'm joking, but her ideas do seem to head towards it XD)


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