Isaac is a young, crying kid from the Binding of Isaac.


Isaac is a young child with light skin, big eyes, and no hair. He has no clothing on. When he cry's, tears streak down his face.


Isaac is a child, and because of so he easily believes what is told to him, and can see much that comes from imagination to be a possibility. Sometimes, it is easy to get himself in tears. If he sees others unhappy or in some kind of trouble, he'll blame himself for it, even if it seems unrelated. This leads to him occasionally apologizing out of nowhere.

Isaac sees himself as evil, a sinner, and even the literal devil himself. Oftentimes, he scared of himself, and how he'll hurt others and cause problems.

Rarely, he embraces his demonic self-image.


Isaac, his mom and dad, and his pet cat, Guppy, lived alone, in a small house on a hill. Everyone was happy.

Until the fights. Isaac's mom and dad were mad. They yelled at each other, screamed with anger. Isaac didn't know why they were so mad at each other.

But, one day, Isaac's dad leaves the small house on the hill.

Isaac was sad, and can see that his mom was sad, too. But at least they had each other.

His mom started to drink a lot. She burned her ex-husband from every photo they had. She started to constantly watch Christian broadcasting, trying to find what to do with her life, now that he was gone.

One day, Isaac's mom started whispering towards the heavens. She dropped the bottle she held, and headed towards the kitchen. Isaac, unknowing of his mother's intentions, followed her, curious to what she was doing.

Isaac's mom abused him. She attacked him with a kitchen knife, hurting him as she yelled. She yelled that God had spoke to her, saying that her son was full of sin, and needed to be saved. She yelled that it was the Devil inside of him that drove his dad away, that she needed to drive the Devil out of him. Isaac cried. Tears ran down his cheeks as he could do nothing but take this attack.

Eventually, his mother stopped. She felt better, momentarily satisfied. Isaac retreated to his room afterwards, and hid in his toy chest. All he could think about was all the things his mom had yelled.

Guppy died not to long after. Isaac hid the cat's body in the chest.

The attack episodes happened more and more. Each time, verbal abuse seem to be more aimed towards him, than to a Devil inside of him. The word "BAD" came up, often, during the attacks. Isaac would oftentimes cry in his toy chest, and escape to his imagination. There, he fight against monsters and demons. There, he killed his mom, and himself.

He kept drawing pictures.

Isaac saw himself as bad.

Isaac saw himself a sinner.

Isaac saw himself the one who drove his dad away.

Isaac saw himself evil.

Isaac saw himself as the Devil.

Isaac needed to hide himself away, before he could hurt anyone else.


Isaac's Mom: His mom. He feels unconditional love for her, as well as fear.

The Lost: Upon seeing a ghost of himself, it scares him of the future.

Eden: TBD

Other Isaac children: Sees them as similar to him, sinners.



When Isaac cries, his tears do damage. This can be upgraded with different items.


Isaac can boost his stats, such as speed and amount of tears per second, with different items. He can also have different kinds of attacks, abilities, and appearances, depending on the item.

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Starting Items

  • D6 - A die Isaac carries around that has six sides. Rolling it can change an item to a different item.
  • 1 bomb - Explosive


  • A lot of the backstory used here is speculation.
  • Isaac may try to harm himself with the belief that he'll get a stat upgrade.
  • The number of deaths is questionable, because it isn't exactly known if this is Isaac before or after death. Even Isaac himself doesn't seem know.


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