Frisk is a young kid from Undertale that flirts with everyone they meet.


Frisk has dark brown hair cut in a similar style to Chara's and wears a blue-and-purple striped shirt with blue shorts and brown shoes. Their skin is yellow and they are always squinting. Frisk's face is very neutral, it's hard to tell how they're feeling a lot of the time.Frisk's soul appears when they're under stress and it's a faded bright red.


The first impression people get is Frisk flirting with practically everyone they meet. The second most noticeable thing is their sheer determination. They are quite easy to become friends with and they may go out of their way to make new friends, easily finding the right words to say. Unfortunately, while Frisk is slow to anger, when they're angry their rants could be horrible to listen to. Frisk is good at making friends, but they also know what to say to break someone and get that person to leave them alone.

Frisk likes puns and going on playdates. Amusingly they also like going on real dates but the only two they've been on resulted in being friends with that person instead, you could say Frisk is a master at making the friend zone a good thing.

Contrary to popular belief, Frisk isn't a pacifist, while they dislike getting into fights, they had to reset a whole lot of times to repress the urge to lash out if in a fight with a monster, as they has learned every fight in the underground had a peaceful solution.


While what happened before they got to the Underground isn't known, it's known they fell on a patch of flowers. There they went on an adventure.


And over

And over.

Sometimes they were the hero, sometimes the villain, and they had managed to save everyone but one by the end...


Flowey: Sorry, nothing they can really do.

Chara: Was kinda hard to make them an ending. Shares a soul.



Frisk may go back to a point in time to gain an advantage. Blocked by a red power limiter before they ever got into an RP.

Fast Talker

Frisk is surprisingly manipulative, they tend to be able to gain things (normally friendship) from others easily even on their first meeting.

Emotion Snapper

Frisk has a way with words, this is the dark side of that. If angered enough, Frisk can make a rant or even a single sentence targeted directly at emotional weak points.


Frisk can choose to dodge with the soul instead of their body, giving more maneuverability. Due to the soul being shared, if the soul is broken Chara will die too.

Current Info



Starting items

Stick: it's a stick.

Old Bandage: Ew. Can be used to bandage things in a pinch.


  • Frisk is not a little angel friends :3
  • Implied to be on 'soulless pacifist'
    • Also calmed Chara the flip down.

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