This is an Example Roleplay, if you make a Roleplay page please base it off of here. A little description can go here.


  • Is there a limit to the number of characters someone can add to this RP?
  • Are there any special rules needed for certain things?
    • Indent for smaller things related to the same rule.
  • Should only a certain Franchise or even Character be here?
  • Remember to state if this is a minor or silly RP!
  • Are certain literacy levels or way of typing allowed?
  • Do characters have to be accepted, or can anyone jump right in?


Helps keep track of people in the RP! Should be organised like this:

  • User
    • Character
    • Character

Remember to link, or ask someone to maybe.


What's happening, write a short background, then keep track of what's happening here. Should keep track of the plot of the Roleplay.


This is where the roleplay actually happens, and the reason the page'll be edited a whole lot. Here are some example of the format that should be used:


Character looked around, confused. What is happening?

(This is a literate roleplay style, and is the most common and often preferred style.)

Character2: *Looks around confused too* Where are we?

(This is Script or Chat style. While allowed, some people may be annoyed by it.)

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