A randomised kid from The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Every time they die they come back different.


Eden's appearance varies but typically they have white eyes and white hair and are child sized.


Eden is very unstable, their personality shifts from one 'run' to the next. The kid tends to be shy and distrusting of adults but there have been many exceptions.


Eden woke up in a toy chest in some warm place, not knowing much of anything. Thrown though their game by players again and again, Eden's mind fell apart a bit, as they are aware of their previous personalities and runs yet struggle to understand them. They had become mostly aware of being in a fantasy...




Shoop da Whoop

Eden can fire a double damage lazer every other fight.

Judas's Shadow

The first time Eden dies, they will come back as a more powerful but mute shadow. If they were killed by someone, they will prioritize revenge.


If not overridden by the passive ability, Eden can fire out their tears to do damage.

Randomised Respawn

First two abilities change when Eden dies and they do not have an extra life from a power.


Can bless a character ONCE a life, giving the character white eyes. That character starts with a temporary ability next time they respawn.

4th Wall Aware

Can't see the 4th wall, but is aware of its existence. May ask the people on the other side for stuff.

Current info



Puberty Pill: Pill that results in large, messed up black hairs growing on the head when taken.

Shoop da Whoop: I'm firin my lazer!!!

Judas's Shadow: Revival item. Revenge is sweet.

Starting item

Random active item

Random passive item

Chance for random card/pill

Chance for random Trinket


  • Backstory is based more on in game stuff (Starting with the cutscene), but appearance is based on the cutscene.
  • Eden's Blessing is an item that gives only a minor boost when you pick it up, but starts you with a random item next run.
    • If Eden rolls Eden's Blessing, they somehow instantly blessed themselves that life.
  • Eden can start with an item that revives them as someone that's not Eden. This hybrid will still act like Eden and will revert back to Eden when they die.
  • Eden's hairstyle is also randomised. This does not have a big impact on the RP.

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