"But I love chickens, Eddy!"
Ed is one of 3 protagonists in Ed, Edd n Eddy and is not very bright. Despite this, he's capable of some amazing feats.


Ed is tall for his age and wears a red-and-white striped shirt with blueish jeans. He always wears a olive green jacket that normally contains rotting foodstuffs. His head is flat on the top and his ginger hair is cut in a buzzcut. He has a black unibrow and turquoise eyes, as well as a blueish tongue.

Due to the style his show was animated in, Ed's outline wavers a bit when he moves.


Ed is kind, friendly, and likes practically everyone. He is also absent minded and naive, not knowing when someone is manipulating him normally. Ed is a fan of low budget horror movies and comics, and is very good at playing the flute and saxophone, although his family tried to force him into playing the violin. Edd does not like fighting anyone, but while he's slow to anger there are small things that will drive him into a rage.

Ed doesn't respond to injuries as much due to being a character from a cartoon that uses slapstick humor. He might even find it funny unless the injury kills someone.


TBA (Sorry I'll binge on the cartoon and figure out the backstory my memory is fuzzy)


Edd: While he thinks Edd talks gibberish all the time, he likes listening to him. Him and Edd working together can build working factories out of nothing but cardboard, tape and rubberbands. One of his best friends.

Eddy: Eddy can be loud and mean sometimes but Ed likes building stuff for Eddy's scams. One of his best friends.


Genre Savvy

Ed is surprisingly adapt at surviving horror situations, although he tends to mistake normal situations for horror ones.

Cartoon Physics

Comes from a slapstick cartoon, he can pull off feats that reality would normally not let happen. Like walking over a pit without falling. And then trying to jump said pit from standing over it.

Super Strength

Ed is extremely strong, even for a toon. He can lift whole houses with one hand and uproot trees and use them as bats. Thankfully, he doesn't like attacking people directly so most people won't get the full hurt of this.

Extreme Omnivore

Ed can eat anything. Ed also tends to eat a lot in his sleep due to sleepwalking.

Current Info



Starting Items

Sheldon Jr.: A rotten piece of cheese. Ed's lucky cheese. The successor to Sheldon after Sheldon was drowned in a river, Sheldon Jr. goes with Ed wherever he goes.


  • Ed is allergic to rabbits, eels, butterscotch, dandelions, and cats.
  • Despite lack of oral hygiene, his teeth are white.
  • Ed has gone on a rampage over a pebble in his shoe, suggesting he may be sensitive to pain from there.

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