"Greetings. I am Chara."
Chara is a human(?) child from Undertale, the first fallen.


Chara is a slightly pudgy child with red eyes, rosy cheeks, and a wide smile. They have brown hair and a yellow-and-green striped shirt, with brown pants. When angered, their eyes will turn black and 'leak', but if Chara is showing an extreme emotion their eyes will glow slightly. They share a soul, having a faded out red heart shape appear in front of them when they're in danger.


Chara has started a rumor that they're a demon, and their personality seems to match it. Cold yet easy to anger, they are quick to start a fight and quick to end one. They like morbid humor, chocolate, gardening, and dogs. Chara's emotions are dulled due to 'sharing' a soul.

Chara is surprisingly friendly when calm, seeming less like the demon they claim to be and more like a confused kid. Despite this, they dislike being around humans and would rather avoid being near them. The main difficulty with befriending Chara is that when angered too much, they tend to go on rampages, and their feelings snowball. When upset, Chara tends to laugh.


After falling into The Underground, Chara had been adopted by the royal family. Quickly, they learned they liked monsters more than humans and became annoyed that humans locked them down there in the first place. They unfortunately learned to keep their feelings bottled, and tried to tell their new brother to keep his bottled too, so their hate just grew. One day, an accident happened, the kids learned buttercups don't go in pie. While their dad was recovering, Chara realised something and started laughing to themselves, feeling as if they came up with a grand idea, one that they realise was quite scary, but a brilliant one.

Monsters that absorb human souls become powerful, the combination of a monster and a human soul can cross the barrier, and one with seven human souls can shatter the barrier! Since buttercups were poisonous, they could eat a whole lot of them and then their new brother can take their soul and get more to break the prison.

Their brother didn't like this plan, but after some convincing, went with it anyway.

Two children died that day, a human and a monster.


Asriel: Upset that he messed up, upset that they messed up, mainly just upset.

Frisk (Candlefly): Shares a soul.


Hard Hitter

Chara does an extreme amount of damage, but their attacks are very easy to dodge.


Chara can choose to dodge with the soul instead of their body, giving more maneuverability. Due to the soul being shared, if the soul is broken Frisk will die too.


Chara may go back to a point in time to gain an advantage. Blocked by a red power limiter before they ever got into an RP.

Current Info



Starting Items

Worn Dagger: Used for gardening. Can still be weaponised in a pinch.

The Real Knife: Red knife that does a heck ton of damage. Can also be used for gardening in a pinch.


  • I think I combined all the ways I play Chara into one so I don't have to switch AUs of them.
  • This Chara's not evil, just misunderstood. And violent. And a little mean. But not really 'evil'.

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